How far do we take conspiracy theory?

The name has always troubled me. In my experience, a ‘theory’ is a proven  result, backed up with statistical evidence. Until this occurs, it is only a ‘hypothesis’ and can only even be subject to conjecture and debate, which is exactly what happens with ‘conspiracy theory’. We never see the alien’s corpse or hear the assassin’s confession, we just speculate on what may be.

I’ll be honest, despite my personality disorders and my irrational thinking, I stake no faith in aliens nor ghosts. If there’s even an afterlife then I’ll be surprised After a lifetime of trying to test these so-called theories (especially the ‘ghosts’ one), I have come to the conclusion that they simply do not exist. The same goes for evil spirits, demons and suchlike. If anything, I’m apt to believe that Woolley Mammoths ares still walking the Earth in Siberia than that old flummery about reconnecting with the dead and fucking ‘orbs’ floating about the place. Yet, has anyone brought back a dead Mammoth?

Point made.

Similarly with aliens. Do you really think that America would sit on technology that could potentially put them in a position of global superiority? Jesus, as soon as the H-Bomb was created it was used, no less than twice. They couldn’t wait to test it out. If Area 51 exists, then its; likely a facility for advanced weapons and possibly some naughty shit like human cloning. Nothing more.

It’s the domestic and international conspiracy that interests me, thought; the source of much dissent among societies. these are much more believable as humanity is such a twisted and duplicitous specimen and as my mother used to say: everybody’s got their own agenda. Here’s my hypothesis on a popular conspiracy.


JFK assassination: Oswald shot JFK but he likely missed. The CIA’s involvement and ultimate secondment of the Sicilian Mafia’s services during the Bay of Pigs invasion makes them the likely architect’s of the President’s demise. It’s likely that the Cubans found out about the Mafia’s involvement through their own network of Cuban exiles, made famous by Al Pacino’s portrayal of Tony Montana. The Cuban organized crime network was a powerful entity in the country as millions fled Castro’s regime to the US  in the late part of the 1950’s and their links to the Mafia would have been inevitable given the territorial and business disputes and the opportunities to strengthen supply chains.

But was it Castro that gave the order? I doubt it; by his own admission he would have invoked the nuclear wrath of America had he been involved in the assassination. Plausible deniability seems a good alibi for international espionage but in this instance, I think it might be true but I suspect he was aware of the plot.

Kennedy was long speculated to have links to the Chicago Mafia and it is alleged that they helped to rig an election for his success among other things. The Godfather of the Chicago family and the soon-to-be president also shared lovers, it is said.

Kennedy’s links to the Chicago Mafia

There is little doubt that JFK knew about the suggested plots involving the CIA and the Mafia, specific plots to assassinate Castro in Cuba. How closely he worked with them is debatable given that he had an entire alphabet agency to do the mediation for him.

I suspect that the Cubans found out about this involvement and gave both the US Government and the Mafia an ultimatum: get rid of the interfering Cuba-hating president or be exposed as a band of conspirators, sullying the names of both the Government and the Mafia and causing international distrust for both groups

For the Mafia, to be exposed as working with the US Government would be professional suicide. Nobody would ever trust them again and trade agreements might be affected not to mention the wave of hatred from the Italians concerning the killing of their ally. which might spread into Sicily. Italian-American relations have always been strong and they would no doubt have reacted badly to the news that the Sicilian Mafia was involved in killing the American president.

The Mafia will have turned to the US Government for help but what could they do? Expose themselves as traitors and consirators with the Mafia? For the people to find out that their Government-elect was involved with organized crime would have killed off the presidency and brought about criminal charges for all involved. It would also have strained international relations with all countries although those in the Middle East may have rejoiced and maybe caused an upsurge in the Communist ethos floating around the country at the time. For America to become a Communist state would be unthinkable and contrary to the Delcaration of Independence.

Was JFK about to resign his leadership, was he already grooming his brother for presidency before his death? It seemed the only logical route, to step down and allow a regime change. The problem there was, could this man be trusted to keep his silence? If a word got out about his deals with the Mafia, careers and reputations would be forever tarnished.

The only option was to get rid of him permanently. The Cubans involvement was probably only to suggest a regime change, a resignation and retirement for JFK and his administration. They had no idea that the Mafia and the CIA were both plotting to kill the president.

It is likely that the CIA and the Mafia outsourced the job to a private contractor, someone known to them both and maybe unaffiliated with either group. Either way, this shooter will have quickly disappeared as soon as the job was done. Jimmy Hoffa, notorious crime boss disappeared shortly after and was suspected of involvement in the Bay of Pigs plots.

Was Oswald a coincidence? Probably not but I believe that his death was inevitable, preordained and arranged so that he might not declare the truth.

Oswald would have been able to say how quickly he had fired, the delay between the shots. He might also have voiced his thought on how he thought he had missed but it turned out that he had made contact. He might have been able to prove, quite unwittingly that he had not shot JFK, that he took a little longer, disproving the ‘rapid reload’ theory. He might reveal the names of those who had contacted him, CIA and Mafia interlopers disguised as Communist sympathizers. He might be the linch pin that once pulled, collapses the whole structure.

Jack Ruby was waiting and shot him to death. He died himself, taking another vital piece of the puzzle with him. Senior Mafia collaborator and corrupt Union leader Jimmy Hoffa disappeared soon after. Mob boss Carlos Trafficante gave weight to the conspiracy theory, stating his involvement in the Castro plots. He was granted an immunity from prosecution and never further convicted of Mafia involvement but died in 1987. Another key figure, crime lord Carlos Marcello was speculated to be the mastermind behind the plot. Marcello survived until the early nineties and post-1963 he never did more than a couple of years for heinously high-profile racketeering crimes, having one conviction overturned completely. He died in his luxury mansion in 1993.

Was Hoffa the link between JFK and the Mafia, was he the middle-man and privy to all the sordid details? He disappeared in 1975 and his body was never recovered.

Conspiracists believe Hoffa suggested the hit in order to remove Bobby Kennedy as Attorney General and therefore end the pressure against the labour racketeering that Hoffa presided over but it would make more sense to kill the Attorney General himself than his much more well-protected brother, would it not? Plus, Bobby Kennedy then became president, contrary to the goals of Hoffa so they would have to kill another president just after killing the first.

Plus, a Mafia killing of the president would be a heavy load to carry and even if some of the main players were eliminated, secrets had a way of getting out. I think the Mafia, with the exception of Hoffa were reluctant to kill the president.

The drugs explosion was taking place, cocaine and heroin flooding in and the income generated by narcotics was likely to be higher than that of the labour unions. Millions could be turned in a day rather than the slower process of industrial extortion so killing the Attorney General, let alone the president might be a risk not worth taking in terms of securing investment.

There was something else, some other form of pressure and I can’t help thinking that Mafia were worried about their relations with the Cuban, Columbian and Mexican cartels. Not only would business be affected but the cartels might take offence to the fact that the Mafia plotted to kill Castro, that they colluded with the president to overthrow Cuba. They might start a war themselves, especially the Cubans.Lots had fled to Mexico and further into South America.

Pablo Escobar and Fidel Castro had close ties and it is likely the powerful Columbian might have been enraged by the Mafia’s plot on his friend and confidante. The knowledge that the Mafia had colluded with the Government to kill Castro would have been a disaster for them if it was ever proved in a hearing.

Similarly, the fate of the Government would be sealed as soon as it was known they had enlisted the aid of a much-feared criminal network, that their president in fact had, in fact once had strong ties with the Chicago families.

The thing is, what precipitated the plot to kill JFK?

Was JFK pressured by the Cuban Government to step down, making him a liability to both the CIA and the Mafia? Did the Mafia receive an ultimatum from the Cuban underground; we know what you did! Stop the pressure on Cuba else we spill the beans? Did the CIA themselves get approached and pass the burden on to the Mafia, threatening to expose them if the Government fell?

There is no way that an assassin could shoot the president from behind the ‘grassy knoll’ then disappear without being apprehended. Was he dressed as an official agent, disguised and able to slip through security in the chaos? Was there a face there that day on the security team that nobody recognized but was too swept up in the chaos to notice?

I suspect so.

Between them, the Mafia and the CIA tried to cover their mess. They no doubt found Oswald through their networks of spies and consiglieres, a suitable candidate to take the fall. They no doubt worked on him, planting the seeds of Communist dissent, arming him and directing him. Whether these people lived or were erased from history is anybody’s guess but we know Oswald had regular visitors prior to his attempt. The CIA will have bugged him, maybe the Mafia followed him. With these two agencies watching him, he could do nothing covertly and to what extent the surveillance went is a mystery.

With a guaranteed patsy on hand, it would have been a matter of killing the president then having a man on standby to kill the suspected shooter, killing any chance of getting the facts confirmed. Ruby losing his life was a bonus, I imagine but it probably gave the Mafia the shivers for a while, given his known connections to the Mob. Still, it saved the job of killing Ruby.

To what extent was Hoffa involved? A lot, I imagine but his gregarious attitude and maybe his zeal to try and kill Bobby Kennedy made him a liability. Here’s a suggestion; maybe he tried to blackmail the CIA or his own Mafia brothers into killing the newly appointed president, his arch-nemesis, even worse than Kennedy, by his standards.He might have threatened to reveal sensitive data concerning both the Bay of Pigs and now the assassination of JFK.

Who killed him, though? The US Government or the Mafia, both experts at sanitation, no chance of recovering a body.

I imagine Marcello and Trafficante agreed to abide their silence and it was immaterial anyway as the Palestinians killed Bobby Kennedy soon after. Both bosses gained a degree of immunity through virtue of their silence and lived long, illustrious lives. The knowledge of the plot died with them and their honour to their clan meant they would never reveal their CIA ties or their involvement in JFK’s death.

Anyway, too much time has passed and nobody would believe an old document purporting the truth, dubbing it a fake immediately. The only way to corroborate the fact was by giving testimony and all involved are now long dead. It wouldn’t even matter now if the truth came out, the present Government would make its apologies and distance itself from that era, purporting corruption and ignorance not the 2017 values if democracy and tolerance. Still, it might be quite damaging for such a thing to arise but it wouldn’t be the end of the administration.

But why would the CIA turn to the Mafia in the first place? Well, they would have had close ties with the Cuban exiles, perhaps already established contacts and trade routes into Cuba. They might have had experience of culture and language, be better infiltration agents due to their complexion and accents than the American agents. Above all, they were trained soldiers, a paramilitary of cunning and murder, just the right formula for an assassination. Maybe if Kennedy had not involved the Mafia in his phony war, he might still be alive today but as it stood, the pressure on both his own Government and the mobsters to diffuse tensions led to his demise.

All we can do is speculate, after all it’s only conspiracy ‘conjecture’ not ‘theory’.

The conspiracy concerning Kennedy, the CIA and the Mafia

Some might argue that the deceit went further, that other agencies were responsible for assassinating Bobby Kennedy after he succeeded his brother as president. Another rabbit-hole for another day, to be delved into later.






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