Better get your affairs in order….



What a fucking mess!

Syrians shooting rockets at Israeli’s, Russia threatening the borders of the Baltics, the UN in a state of simmering panic deploying US, UK, German and Canadian troops to Estonia, Poland and Lithuania. Britain facing an uncertain future as Article Fifty is triggered, excommunicating us from the European Union, Arabs shooting at people in French airports. This isn’t even the half of it, barely even the tip of the iceberg. In Syria, splintered factions are fighting for their own independence as well as fighting the Islamic State and the bombardment from Russia, Turkey and the other coalition forces. In Africa, atrocity after atrocity never makes it to our national news, overshadowed instead by some pointless story about celebrity culture. And that’s just South Africa! North Africa is a crumbling conglomerate of war-affected nations, all of them involved in some form of conflict. The entire continent is alive with war and terrorism.

In South America, the story isn’t much better with pressured Governments and guerrilla warfare making the overpopulated regions dangerously unstable. Toss in Trump building a big fuck-off wall to segregate the continents and inciting tensions with China and it all adds up to one mighty cluster-fuck. I’m seriously considering building a bomb-shelter and I think the Government should give me a bit of fiscal assistance, considering that I didn’t ask for a war.

I don’t think my request is unreasonable given that I feel horribly unprotected by our lack of missile defence. If they’ve developed something revolutionary, now is the time to unveil it to the world. Better late than never, as my old Mum used to say.

I don’t expect any protection from the Government, they wouldn’t even tell us if there was an impending nuclear attack. They might hint that going indoors and seeking refuge in shelters is advisable but the devastation would be played down to a minor event. Only the impact would reveal the true damage to this tiny piss-pot island from just one ICBM with a cluster-type warhead.

Have a play with this ‘Nuke app’ to see just how a certain yield nuclear device would affect your immediate locale. It’s packed with presets for famous bombs that have been or are in service and calculates fall-out along with the primary effects of the blast. The yield for Russia’s RS-28 missile (otherwise known as ‘Satan II’) is between 500-750 kilotons, in case you wanted to test it out.

The nuclear attack app

Is it even a reality, a possibility? Would Russia, aided by the Arab states and China attempt a world coup? Would we be thrown back to the days of Soviet oppression across the globe as Russia consolidated its power in Europe and the Baltics, as China took over the South Pacific and poor old-South America, walled off by the United States falls into total anarchy? The Arab states would once again become a hideous melting-pot of conflict, an echo of old Mesopotamia and somewhere in the middle, Israel would be overcome by the influx of rockets by furious Muslims and probably retaliate with nuclear destruction. Pakistan would invade India, North Korea would invade the South. As soon as one fight breaks out, others jump in like some old-time bar brawl in a Western movie, hitting each other over the heads with fucking ICBM’s instead of wooden chairs and whisky bottles. The UK would be destroyed completely and the United States, along with most of Russia will be irradiated and ruined. Goodbye Japan and as for Africa, neutral maybe to the wider world but fraught with interracial tension and sectarian violence. It would be overrun by conflicting armies as the war escalated, maybe along with places such as Australia and South America, become the last haven for the remains of humanity.

The whole civilisation wiped out by its own hand; is it really something that can be envisaged?

By my calculations, (which I just made up with no evidence whatsoever) the world would pretty much be destroyed within a month of heavy conflict involving nuclear and biological weapons. With the accuracy and range of ICBM’s in this age, one country half the world away can destroy the other and in turn, sign its own death-warrant as retaliation inevitably occurs.

Click here to read about the possibility of nuclear war in modern-times

Let’s hope that our world leaders are not dangerous and unpredictable men and women with a superiority complex. Thank goodness we have the tolerant and non-judgemental Donald Trump in American office and the peaceful and magnanimous Vladimir Putin leading Russia. The only thing we don’t need now is an English Prime Minister who is stubborn and immovable to steer us out of a unified Europe and into harm’s way.

9 days until the official Brexit break-off

Damn it! Oh well, thankfully Israel’s Netanyahu government isn’t corrupted so we can be sure the Jewish State is going to give us clarity and guidance.

Corruption in the Netanyahu administration

Bollocks! Okay, maybe Trump isn’t building the wall. How about that? Maybe it was just a metaphorical wall to get his point across about immigration?

Bidding begins for Mexican border-wall contracts

Oh, please! Alright, Africa then. It’s not so bad. I exaggerated, okay? Loads of people visit there for holidays and the like.

Prejudice in South Africa provokes violence

Nine killed in Cameroon Islamic terror attack

South America?

Brazil’s corruption influences Latin America

Fucking Australia, then?!

Child abuse overload in Australian Catholic clergy

Alright, that last one didn’t count. Australia seems to be safe enough at the moment despite the odd act of anti-Christian violence but it’s only a matter of time before it becomes swept up in some kind of turbulence, either directly or by virtue of its Commonwealth position, loyal to Great Britain and its former alliances with the US during the Korean War.


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