Rising crime committed by Muslims in the UK (not excusing anyone else but it’s still a problem)


The following statistics were collected by the Prison Services in March 2016 to reflect the denominations of prisoners across the United Kingdom aged 15+. The whole article is a complete rundown of all statistics and not just religious denomination but I found the religion statistics to be the most interesting.

To read the full report, click here

Here are the statistics up to March 2016 and it will be interesting to see how they have changed this year. The statistics encompass both male and female prisoners and are arranged as follows:

Denomination: (number of inmates), (percentage of inmates), (percentage variance from 2002-2016)

Christian: (41,940)     (49.1%)       (-9.0%)

Muslim: (12,506)     (14.6%)     (+6.9%)

Hindu: (421)     (0.5%)     (+0.1%)

Sikh: (732)     (0.9%)     (+0.2%)

Buddhist: (1,558)     (1.8%)     (+0.9%)

Jewish: (406)     (0.5%)     (+0.2%)

No religion: (26,349)     (30.8%)     (-0.6%)

Other: (1,437)     (1.7%)     (+1.1%)

Not recorded: (92)     (0.1%)     (+0.1%)

Total: (85,441)     (100%)

We can see from the statistics that nearly 50% all prisoners identify as Christian. Those with no religious belief represent just over 30% of the total population. Muslims represent nearly 15%.

At the top of the table, between the Christians and Muslims we see a spectrum of variance from one extreme to the other. Prisoners identifying as Christian have dropped in number by a significant  9% since 2002. On the contrary, the number of Muslim prisoners has soared nearly 7% since 2002, a statistic that is giving the Muslim Council of Britain cause for concern.

In comparison to the other statistics, the rise in Muslim admissions to UK prisons has rose markedly in 14 years. The number of Atheists has seen a decline of 0.6% since 2002 and those holding to other beliefs not categorised in the report has risen just over 1%.

So what are the reasons for this state of affairs? Why are so many religious people in prison when their doctrines dictate that they should live in a peaceful and harmonious manner? I could perhaps understand the ‘no religion’ crew having a significant representation in jail but as it stands, they represent only 30.8% of the total prison population across England and Wales. Add in the ‘not recorded’ figure of 0.1% and religious people count for 69.1% of the total population of lawbreakers. Fancy that?

So what’s going wrong? Why are all these holier than thou people languishing at Her Majesty’s pleasure? Unlike many, religious people have the benefit of a preordained code of conduct to follow that should keep them compliant and above all, averse towards such things as crime.

Well, do the statistics reflect the religious views of the offender before or after incarceration? Some offenders convert to a religion whilst inside jail, pressured by peers and feeling the need to affiliate to a group. Although these are a small minority, they still deserve a mention in the report as it is the state of mind pre-incarceration that I’m interested in.

Poverty has been cited as a factor in the number of religious admissions as has ‘gang culture’ but what is religion if not a ‘gang culture’? It is the number of Islamic admissions that has piqued my senses and it is certain to rise over the coming year. We can’t just blame immigration for this increase although it is undoubtedly a factor; there are more elements at play here, a wider perspective to understand.

The following article is a summary of crimes committed over the September 2015-2016 period, compiled by the Home Office. I’ve cherry-picked a few statistics to show how offences have changed over the past few years but you can read the full report here.

Murder is up 22% from last year. Rape and other sexual offences are up 13% respectively.  Possession of weapons is up 19% but possession of drugs is down 11% from last year. Public order offences (or threatening behaviour) is up a massive 32% from the 2014-215 period and ‘miscellaneous crimes against society’ is also increased 16% (these include prostitution, going equipped for stealing, forgery and handling stolen goods, to name but a few).

Now, these figures might not seem like great increases but when you consider the numbers involved, then it is shocking. The Home Office has said that, on average crime is down but the shortfall in such things as drugs offences (trafficking also down 5%) is made up with increases in other things such as violent crime. Crime isn’t diminishing, it’s changing trend to favour the more direct and ugly offences, the ones that rob life and dignity and leave a lasting impression. Hatred, it seems is on the increase, between families, groups, gangs; everybody seems to have gotten a whole lot angrier over the last few years.

If this year’s increase in rape seems bad, compare it to the year 2010-2011. The increase in rape offences in the year 2015-2016 exceeded 2010-2011 by 138%! That means six years ago, rape figures were over a hundred percent lower than they are presently. Lord knows what it will be like this year in comparison. The whole report makes for very interesting reading and we can see that from 2011 onward, things have gotten a whole lot worse in our society.

I can see where this report is heading and as soon as the narrow-minded English Nationalists see the data, they will seize upon it and begin chanting ‘Immigration!’ as the root cause of the crime increases. That’s certainly a factor; as a population increases, the amount of reported crime will probably go up. But if you start blaming migrants and refugees for crimes against national citizens of England and Wales then you must also look at violent crimes against the foreigners that have seen a surge over recent years.

When I watch Crimewatch once a month, I am never really shocked to see that at least half of the ‘rogues gallery’ identify with a foreign nationality. More so, a significant number of them appear to be Muslim. That does not excuse the others, who make up the rest but given the numbers reflected in the Prison Services report, I would have expected to see more English names in terms of both Christianity and non-religious as they make up the bulk of incarcerated offenders.

I checked the Crimewatch ‘rogue’s gallery’ to see the spread of ethnicity across the fifty-eight wanted suspects. As it stands, a large number of the wanted faces (26% of them) identify as Muslim by name. As a whole, those with a clearly foreign identity represented by name make up 48% of the whole group of fifty-eight faces. I cannot say what their religions are, if any and if they contribute to the Muslim category but with a quarter of the overall group represented by one faith, it doesn’t show Islam in a good light.

The Crimewatch ‘Rogues Gallery’

I realise that fifteen offenders out of fifty-eight is a trivial number, how can it possible show any real trends? Given this, I turned to the regional Crimestoppers site with hundreds of ‘wanted’ faces available for perusal.

The Crimestoppers national gallery of ‘most wanted’ faces

Using the statistics above, I narrowed my search to ‘sexual crimes’. 23% of the offenders wanted for sexual crimes identified as Muslim by birthright. Several others are foreign or unnamed in the gallery and we can only speculate as to their religious beliefs, if any. It would be unfair for me to assume religion with no identifiers other than skin colour and facial contours suggestive of Arabian origins. Henceforth, I only counted the rogues’ that had complete Muslim names (forename and surname).

I looked at the overall scope of the gallery containing hundreds of pictures and by my reckoning, at least a third of the rogue’s listed identify as Muslim. Don’t believe me, then take a look for yourselves using the link above. As for other nationalities committing crime in general, I would say that at least half of the offenders do not identify as British but you can make up your own minds. It certainly falls in line with the statistics.

At the time of the Prison Services report (March 2016) there were just under 10,000 foreign nationals in UK prisons although judging by the ‘wanted’ faces, that number is set to rise.

As a comedic aside, you’ll notice that the Hindu prison population increased in 2015-2016 period by 0.1%. I found this guy, Tarsem Najjar Singh wanted for sexual offences on the Crimestoppers gallery. Maybe he’s the +0.1%?


Islamophobia will probably be put into the Oxford English Dictionary because it is now an official ideology, a belief in itself.  More and more people are becoming averse to Islam and frightened by its representations in their communities. Implicit bias is bred into children through fraught parents struggling to come to terms with a changing society, seeing only one dimension of a multi-faceted faith through targeted media publications and propaganda campaigns.

If you have come to the conclusion that I hate Islam then think again. I have nothing but respect for the principles behind faith it’s just the delivery of the message that I dispute. Islam, along with other religions has some core values that foster good intentions and humanitarianism. Sadly, they also have ethics and models of behaviour that are completely inconsistent with an evolving modern society. I feel, of we can concentrate on the good parts of scripture, religion can become the safety net it is supposed to be rather than an avatar of fear and segregation. Islam needs help and it’s up to us all to do what we can to reboot the religion into something that can be integrated successfully into Western societies. Fear and reproach is not the answer. Re-education and clarification is the way forward.

Muslims are breaking the laws of their designated home country through ignorance and indifference to the laws of that society. They are no different to the tens of thousands of white-British people who also break the fundamental codes of the British nation. However, as Muslims represent only approximately 5% of the UK population, to find such a high frequency of offenders only gives weight to the Prison Services report.

Approximately, 0.4% of the Muslim population of Britain are in jail. It’s hard to find a factual figure for Christians. Similarly, I can only gauge the Muslim population by the statistics recorded by various sources on the Internet that put the figure just above 3,100,000 and rising at the end of 2016. I’ve estimated the figures given what sources I had and the estimated Christian population is around 38.4 million (I’ve allowed for a decline in numbers given current trends). That means that only 0.18 % of the Christian population are in jail. Around 0.14% of atheists are also imprisoned. If the trend continues, then the numbers change significantly. Lets suppose the number of Muslims in the UK grows to 9,000,000. That means that over 1.2% are in jail and if they were the size of the Christian community then about 5% of the population would be in prison.

I’ve based these figures on a population of 65.4 million in the UK.

Here’s the article that gives details about religious population numbers in the UK

Islam is in trouble. It’s facing a real push of adversity due to the current climate in both the Middle East and other continents. At home in Britain, people are getting secular and scared, gravitating more towards extreme views and outright prejudice. Groups such as the E.D.L and Britain First are fuelling the segregation of community and driving the fear-mongering into proactive demonstrations that ultimately end in violence.

The crimes committed by Muslims vary but seem to fall into the category of violence and exploitation. There are variations from the trend, a few driving offences, some drugs offences but for the majority, the trend seems to be violence, robbery and sexual crime.

I can hear those buffoons’ from the extreme Nationalist groups chanting already: violence, robbery and sexual abuse are the norm in Muslim countries!

Wrong! South Africa has the highest amount of recorded rape in the world and over three-quarters of the population identify as Christian denomination! Central America, South Africa and the Caribbean also have the highest murder statistics (recorded up to 2014) and most of the countries in these regions are also Christian denomination, primarily.

Their nuanced versions of Christian faith license such things as rape, FGM and tribal-sanctioned murder and in civilly unstable environments, it is little wonder that these places are the most dangerous places on Earth. Not the Middle East, not in the terms of crime in societies. That is not to say the Muslim countries are not affected by rape and murder, it is just that their statistics are far outweighed by the Africas and Americas continents

Last year, Saudi Arabia executed over 150 people for various crimes including terrorism, murder and rape. Iran has executed fifty-seven people already since the start of 2017 and the figure will undoubtedly rise to the hundreds.

The punishments are harsh if guilt is proved yet I somehow feel that the rape and domestic violence statistics are not the true measure of the problem in the Middle East. This is because within Islamic culture, certain behaviours are permissible, just like they are in other religions if one looks closely enough. Israel, a Jewish country has seen a 12% rise in reported rape over 2013 to the Rape Crisis helpline with only 15% of the calls reported to the Police, an appalling number. Over a quarter reported close family sexual abuse to the Rape Crisis Centre.

The following passage in the Old Testament holds some weight in favour of rape and its punishments:

28“If a man meets a virgin who is not betrothed, and seizes her and lies with her, and they are found,29then the man who lay with her shall give to the father of the young woman fifty shekels of silver, and she shall be his wife, because he has violated her. He may not divorce her all his days.

Deuteronomy 22

It is true that most of the religions today devalue women still, sticking to the archaic views of a primitive society. In Britain, however the rise in crimes committed using Islam as a defence is growing significantly so it is Islam I am concerning myself with, at the moment.

The Qu’ran and Sunnah, sadly objectify women and devalue them in comparison to a man.

Narrated Abu Huraira:


The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “A woman is married for four things, i.e., her wealth, her family status, her beauty and her religion. So you should marry the religious woman (otherwise) you will be a losers.

Bukhari Vol. 7, Book 62, Hadith 27

Narrated Abu Bakrah (RA):
The Prophet (ﷺ) said: “A people who make a woman their ruler will never be successful.” [Reported by al-Bukhari].
Bukhari Book 14, Hadith 1409

Abu Huraira reported:


The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: A woman, an ass and a dog disrupt the prayer, but something like the back of a saddle guards against that.
Muslim  Book 4, Hadith 1034

Ibn ‘Abbas (Allah be pleased with him) reported Allah’s Apostle (ﷺ) as saying:

A woman without a husband has more right to her person than her guardian, and a virgin’s consent must be asked from her, and her silence implies her consent.
Muslim Book 8, Hadith 3306

“…And bring to witness two witnesses from among your men. And if there are not two men [available], then a man and two women from those whom you accept as witnesses – so that if one of the women errs, then the other can remind her…”

Qu’ran (Sahih International) 2:282

Men are in charge of women by [right of] what Allah has given one over the other and what they spend [for maintenance] from their wealth. So righteous women are devoutly obedient, guarding in [the husband’s] absence what Allah would have them guard. But those [wives] from whom you fear arrogance – [first] advise them; [then if they persist], forsake them in bed; and [finally], strike them. But if they obey you [once more], seek no means against them. Indeed, Allah is ever Exalted and Grand.

Qu’ran (Sahih International) 4:34

Iyas ibn Abdullah ibn Abu Dhubab reported the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) as saying:

Do not beat Allah’s handmaidens, but when Umar came to the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) and said: Women have become emboldened towards their husbands, he (the Prophet) gave permission to beat them. Then many women came round the family of the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) complaining against their husbands. So the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: Many women have gone round Muhammad’s family complaining against their husbands. They are not the best among you.
Abi Dawud Book 11, Hadith 2141
Amr bin Al-Ahwas Al-Jushami (May Allah be pleased with him) reported that he had heard the Prophet (ﷺ) saying on his Farewell Pilgrimage, after praising and glorifying Allah and admonishing people, “Treat women kindly, they are like captives in your hands; you do not owe anything else from them. In case they are guilty of open indecency, then do not share their beds and beat them lightly but if they return to obedience, do not have recourse to anything else against them. You have rights over your wives and they have their rights over you. Your right is that they shall not permit anyone you dislike to enter your home, and their right is that you should treat them well in the matter of food and clothing”.
Salihin  Book 1, Hadith 276
It was narrated that Abu Musa said:
“The Messenger of Allah said: ‘There are three who will be given a twofold reward: A man who has a slave woman whom he disciplines and disciplines her well, and teaches and teaches her well, then he manumits her and marries her; a slave who fulfills his duty toward Allah and toward his masters; and a believer from among the People of the Book.'”
an-Nasa’i Vol. 4, Book 26, Hadith 3346

Narrated Abu Huraira:

Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) said, “If a husband calls his wife to his bed (i.e. to have sexual relation) and she refuses and causes him to sleep in anger, the angels will curse her till morning.”

Bhukari Vol. 4, Book 54, Hadith 460

Chapter 9: It is permissible to have intercourse with a female captive after it is established that she is not pregnant, and if she has a husband, then her marriage is annulled when she is captured
They took captives (women) on the day of Autas who had their husbands. They were afraid (to have sexual intercourse with them) when this verse was revealed:” And women already married except those whom you right hands posses” (iv. 24)
Muslim Book 8, Hadith 3433
Fear Allah concerning women! Verily you have taken them on the security of Allah, and intercourse with them has been made lawful unto you by words of Allah. You too have right over them, and that they should not allow anyone to sit on your bed whom you do not like. But if they do that, you can chastise them but not severely. Their rights upon you are that you should provide them with food and clothing in a fitting manner. I have left among you the Book of Allah, and if you hold fast to it, you would never go astray.
Muslim Book 7, Hadith 2803
Boy, there’s not much dispute about the import of those verses. I’m disappointed to find a direct reference to domestic abuse of women in the Qu’ran. I could forgive it in the Sunnah and maybe dispute it but being as it’s the word of Allah, it’s kinda hard to contest.
This is only half the story; with a wealth of ahadith to back up the rights and responsibilities of women. I can see what Muhammad was trying to do here, instil a sense of balance between marriage partnerships so that each party had a model to follow and true enough, back in the sixth-century women were the background support to their men. Additionally, captured women were made slaves and treated in a different manner to wives. Hitting women, raping them and abusing them in general as second-class citizens were probably the standard within most cultures. Women were seen as possessions and Christianity/Judaism are no different in their assessment of a woman’s worth. Where the Qu’ran differs is that Muhammad needed an answer for everything that his followers asked of him, all manner of things concerning every aspect of their lives and behaviour, things such as menstruation and breastfeeding. He was a lifestyle coach as well as a prophet and tried to model his society in as balanced a way as he could. He understood that a happy and contented man was a compliant follower, a good soldier and that the cornerstone for this happiness was women and children. If Muhammad had truly despised women as some purport then the holy texts would be shot through with violence and subjugation against women. As it stands, many of the ahadith praise wives and mothers, even women in slavery but there is always a benchmark for tolerance and if a woman displays ‘lewd behaviour’ then she can be ‘lightly beaten’, as if she’s a souffle not a person.
There are examples of when marriage has annulled slavery, an unusual practice usually forbidden by other religions and it is clear that this method of marring slaves was used by many to emancipate families held as captive. Even Muhammad himself married slaves in business deals in order to release their extended kin from the captivity imposed by other clans across Arabia and to emancipate the slave-woman from her bondage by virtue of marriage.

Narrated Aisha, Ummul Mu’minin:

Juwayriyyah, daughter of al-Harith ibn al-Mustaliq, fell to the lot of Thabit ibn Qays ibn Shammas, or to her cousin. She entered into an agreement to purchase her freedom. She was a very beautiful woman, most attractive to the eye.

Aisha said: She then came to the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) asking him for the purchase of her freedom. When she was standing at the door, I looked at her with disapproval. I realised that the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) would look at her in the same way that I had looked.

She said: Messenger of Allah, I am Juwayriyyah, daughter of al-Harith, and something has happened to me, which is not hidden from you. I have fallen to the lot of Thabit ibn Qays ibn Shammas, and I have entered into an agreement to purchase of my freedom. I have come to you to seek assistance for the purchase of my freedom.

The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: Are you inclined to that which is better? She asked: What is that, Messenger of Allah? He replied: I shall pay the price of your freedom on your behalf, and I shall marry you.

She said: I shall do this. She (Aisha) said: The people then heard that the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) had married Juwayriyyah. They released the captives in their possession and set them free, and said: They are the relatives of the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) by marriage. We did not see any woman greater than Juwayriyyah who brought blessings to her people. One hundred families of Banu al-Mustaliq were set free on account of her.

Abu dawud said: This evidence shows that a Muslim ruler may marry a slave woman himself.

Abi Dawud Book 30, Hadith 3920

The tragedy is, indoctrinated women the world over see this subjugation as part and parcel of their purpose for existence. They accept their admonishments, their forced rape and beatings, mental abuse and otherwise because discipline is licensed in the Qu’ran and furthermore, women are expected to honour the requests of their fathers and husbands and indeed all men, who are superior in status by default of having a penis.
Rape within marriage is overlooked in most Muslim countries although a few have taken to steps to overrule the part of Shariah Law that stipulates that a rapist can avoid conviction if he then marries his victim. Domestic violence is tolerated under the guidelines of the Qu’ran although some courts will recognise if a man goes too far and may grant grounds for divorce.
In this country, the Islamic Shariah Council adjudicates in matters of divorce yet some grounds for divorce are overlooked based on the rulings of the Qu’ran and the ahadith of the Sahihian Sunnah as reference. This interesting video filmed in 2014 with a high profile Shariah court judge is well worth watching.
But this doesn’t really answer my question: why are more Muslims than ever before being incarcerated for breaking the laws of the land? Never mind the unreported abuse, that which is hidden away behind secular family doors and sanctioned under Islam, I’m talking about the outright abuse of women in general.
Part of this behaviour comes from the ‘them and us’ mentality inspired by the religion. If Muslim women are seen as second-class citizens then non-Muslim women are beneath them, falling into the ranks of ‘disbelievers’ and ‘wrongdoers’.


And when you travel throughout the land, there is no blame upon you for shortening the prayer, [especially] if you fear that those who disbelieve may disrupt [or attack] you. Indeed, the disbelievers are ever to you a clear enemy.

Qu’ran 4:101


And kill them wherever you overtake them and expel them from wherever they have expelled you, and fitnah is worse than killing. And do not fight them at al-Masjid al- Haram until they fight you there. But if they fight you, then kill them. Such is the recompense of the disbelievers.

Quran 1:191


O Prophet, strive against the disbelievers and the hypocrites and be harsh upon them. And their refuge is Hell, and wretched is the destination.

 Qu’ran 66:9

It was narrated that ‘Abdullah said:
“The Messenger of Allah cursed the woman who tattoos and the one tattooed, the woman who fixed hair extensions and the one who had her hair get extended, the consumer of Riba and the one who pays it, and Al-Muhallil and Al-Muhallal Lahu.”

an-Nasa’i Vol. 4, Book 27, Hadith 3445

The correct Islamic term is Al-Mujrimeen to collectively meant the disbelievers, polytheists, criminals and wrongdoers, basically anybody who does not conform to the standards of Islam, including women with hair extensions and tattoos. Plenty of references to the punishment of the mujrimun can be found in the Qu’ran and none of it redeems these people or offers hope for salvation.

With such a tarnished aspect, non-Muslim women are pretty much the worst of the species. Given the chauvinism, even a mujrimun man would be better respected than a mujrimun woman, I imagine. Little wonder then that non-Muslim women find themselves targeted by Muslim men when one reads into the way they are designated in the Qu’ran.

All religions purport themselves to be the defining religion, the one true path to enlightenment and I have never known anyone to hold two separate belief structures (not counting myself as I am mentally ill and hold many conflicting beliefs), for example being both Jewish and Christian although I have known couples to be of mixed faith. Never Islamic, though unless you count my parents. They managed an integrated relationship with my mother never converting to Islam in any way, although she respected my father’s beliefs. However, my father falls short of being a successful role model on many levels and he would probably blame the fact that the family was not Islamic enough for his own shortcomings.

That aside, I digress from the report.

I’m not blaming Muslims for the increases in rape and sexual assaults in Britain; there are far more other nationalities and creeds (including British-Christian) that perpetrate this crime but the statistics show a rise in this particular crime within the Muslim community and I feel that scripture is the key to stamping out the epidemic of misinformation, along with the re-education of Muslims concerning the status of women in modern societies.

To see just how bad rape and sexual assault has gotten in Britain over 2015-2016, click here

I can’t tell you how to re-educate a psychotic with rape fantasies, irrespective of religion. Some people are just monsters, slave to their compulsions and indifferent to their victims, so long as their lusts are sated. Religion doesn’t even come into it. If anything, it’s a shield for predators to hide behind as they orchestrate their atrocities. But there seems to be too many specifically Muslim ‘monsters’ across what we could the civilised Western areas. That these people may or may not be refugees or seekers of asylum makers no difference. Rapists believe they can take what they want by force and they rarely see the consequence, too indulged in the act and the moment. With an already biased opinion against women (and in particular non-Mulsim women) they feel they are legitimately permitted to abuse them as they have no value in the eyes of Allah. They are a mere materialist means to an end, they are already sinners and whores by virtue of not believing, of dressing inappropriately and encouraging rape. Had they been Muslim, the views may have swung a little towards the other parts of the scripture forbidding sex with anonymous people unless they are subsequently married to the rapist. A rapist isn’t looking for a long-term commitment and marriage is usually not on the cards. Given the choice, a Muslim rapist would molest a non-Muslim rather than a Muslim.

New Years’ Eve across Europe has turned into a nightmare with the past years being blighted with mass rapes and violent disorder between Muslims, Jews, Christians, Nationalists and Police. Innocent people caught up in the middle suffer as a result and their lives are irrevocably changed by the trauma.

Changes need to come from the top, not just governments as in the examples of Turkey, Mali, Jordan, Albania and Indonesia who no longer ban homosexuality. The author of a blog I read mentioned that these five forward-thinking countries were not colonised by the British at any point, an interesting and probably pointless fact. That Jordan is so accepting of LGBT relationships is amazing given its proximity to the holy city of Mecca, surrounded by staunch critics on every border. Yet this is a governmental mandate not a religious one and I imagine that LGBT people are still abused and killed on Jordanian soil for their sexual orientation, even in this age of evolutionary thinking.

Because homosexuality contravenes the tenets of Islam, it will never be accepted. Catholicism and Judaism will also refuse to integrate yet the Anglicans appear to have been more lenient despite the words of Christ, coming to a shaky ‘middle ground’ that admits couples to church but refuses to bless them.

We can’t change religion concerning homosexuality but we can push for better rights for women and a better understanding of different faiths and how they are important to the world. For one religion to dominate is unthinkable and we would call it totalitarianism, a Nazi ethic. We are creatures of diversity and uniqueness and we find our comforts in different avenues. We are not all born the same, at all. Our genetic construction makes us unique, or tendencies and aversions, our character. If we, as men choose to abuse a woman then religion has no part of that decision. It is a primal lust born of the id and not the ego; religion is just an excuse to shift blame and dispel guilt.

Rape is a dominance crime; few rapists are submissive yet they do exist, forcing the victim to perform in unusual ways yet the element of dominance is still there in the presence of a physical threat. It is a primal crime, one built on compulsion and brutality, the satisfaction of lusts that one knows are not good to indulge. Rapists will tell you that the urge was too strong, that they were powerless and probably can’t remember the actual act, as if possessed by something other than a purposeful mind.

Rape is purposeful. It has only one goal, that of sexual gratification. It is the release of endorphines and hormones into the bloodstream, the satisfaction of perversions and fantasies that break down the rapist’s resolve. To dwell on such things is like turning a black diamond and inspecting it from angles. Applying religion to the argument rationalises the act and dehumanises the victim. Consequences become acceptable under the tenets of religion and this law is the only law to which a predatory Muslim will adhere. Civil and national law becomes unimportant compared to the word of Allah and his Apostle.

I suppose all rapists consider the question: can I get away with it? Some plan, some act on impulse but they all obsess, I’m sure. The fantasy of rape undoubtedly preoccupies their mind at all times until it is finally acted upon. And what succeeds once will probably succeed again if the rapist is excused or otherwise left unaccountable due to a lack of report or investigation.

It’s a minefield. Where do I even start? Am I just wasting my time or what? If I was the Ayatollah of Iran, I might be able to make a difference. If I was the King of the Sauds, I could make a difference. If I had any religious weight whatsoever, I could make a real impact but its up to the scholars of religious jurisprudence to do this instead. The next generation of Muslims are coming of age and hopefully, their modern thinking will enable them to convince others about the crisis in their faith.

96.6% of Muslims are good people but there’s that 0.4% to think of and it’s growing each day. The onus is on religion itself to evolve because lets face it, if it were truly the word of God then it would allow flexibility for development of the species. It would understand the diversities and nuances of humanity and instead of disavowing them and hating them, it would embrace them.

We all know that abusing women is wrong. When it happens in a relationship, it is usually followed by guilt and remorse. In religious households, the punishment is condoned, even accepted with the woman believing in some cases that she has rightfully earned her punishment.

In my own household as I child, I cannot say if rape was prevalent between my mother and father. I wouldn’t have thought so but child abuse was a daily occurrence in the form of mental and physical abuse. Religion was urged upon me as it always is in Islamic households and I rejected it entirely, along with the other barrow-load of religions that manifested as I matured.

So I’m a disbeliever, destined for Hell. Under Islamic guidelines, I am the enemy of Islam and unless I adopt the faith or choose another religion and pay the jizya, then I’m destined for a painful and humiliating punishment in this life and the next. I don’t claim a religion but nor do I feel the urge to be opinionated and judge based on a belief structure that was inherited by birthright.

Good people are good people. They will not rape, will not kill unless in self-defence, will not exploit innocence, will not steal nor be pretentious. They will not strike another unless struck first and even then, a good person will still try to use words rather than violence before the inevitable loss of control. I can’t say a good person won’t lie nor make a mistake, get an opinion wrong or upset somebody with words and behaviours but they will never break the fundamental covenants of a balanced and mutually respectful society, even if their good book says otherwise.

I have never hit a woman but have been hit by plenty. To be honest, I deserved it back then and took my punishment humbly. I said harsh words, I made inferences and this may be tantamount to abuse but in all fairness, I gave back what I got in turbulent relationships but never crossed that line into domestic violence. I’m guilty of it now, of maybe arguing and swearing at my partner in frustration but at no point would I strike her or otherwise. Because I respect her, because I respect almost everybody until they do something to prove me wrong (which is often). What makes a man want to rape is the disrespect he has for women coupled with that inherent animal lust. I’m lustful, alright but I’m no monster and could never denigrate myself to such a basic sub-human level as the rapist mind. Nor could I strike a woman unless it was absolutely necessary to prevent her from injuring herself or others.

I cannot imagine being indoctrinated to the degree that I believe beatings and sexual abuse are morally correct. It’s impossible for my mind to even rationalize those concepts. Even though I was brought up in an environment of violence and subjugation and privy to my relatives and their Islamic ways, I have never seem women as second to anything. Personally, I believe the real strength lays in the minds and values of women, never mind what the Qu’ran and the rest of the ‘good books’ say.  Little wonder, then that God/Allah/Yaweh/Insert deity here is always a masculine entity. For it to be a woman would infer a weakness of character, if we are to believe the scriptures.

Strange then, how England was at its strongest when ruled by a woman. Elizabeth I was by far the most successful ruler of the British Empire, placing England at the head of economic and military command, the nation ruling the world or a good portion of it. She is but one of many famous women in history whom have changed the face of societies across the world. There is no weakness or second-class to femininity; women are as equal to men, if not more significant given their capacity for endurance. What man could spend twenty hours in labour, hemorrhaging and splitting as they brought new life into the world? No man that I know, myself included. If men were responsible for birthing children, the population would have died out centuries ago.

There aren’t many ahadith celebrating feminism and encouraging respect towards women but they do exist. Like I say, the Islamic faith does not have to be recognized by its questionable ethics, its ambiguity and its propensity to license criminality. These are the things that the insidious Nationalist groups will have you believe, those whom oppose immigration, frightened of change and evolution of thinking.

Abu Huraira reported that a person said:

Allah’s Messenger, who amongst the people is most deserving of my good treatment? He said: Your mother, again your mother, again your mother, then your father, then your nearest relatives according to the order (of nearness).
Muslim Book 32, Hadith 6181
There is also a Book of the Kind Treatment of Women in the an-Nasa’i collections yet it is heavily biased towards Muhammad’s favourite wife, the youthful Aisha and doesn’t really provide grounds for equality. Still, it’s a good start and probably overlooked by many ignorant Muslims, those who claim to be followers of Islam yet find themselves drawn into deviancy and greed instead, seduced by lusts and materialistic gain. There is a Book for every occasion in the Sunnah and a good Muslim will read ALL the hadith and them move onto Mishkat Ul-Masabih, drawing their own inferences using intellect and reasoning, applying it to modern society and making it work for them.

It is by sharing and interacting, by mingling together our ideas that new, better ideas are born and humanity ups itself another echelon towards enlightenment. At the minute, Islam in Britain is taking steps backward rather than forwards. The secular schisms in societies have made people afraid of one another.The media pumps out its bulletins and does its best to distance extremism and crime from Islam, not because it wants to help integration of creeds and cultures but because it fears the backlash from the Government if it seen to link Islamic values and criminality. By this margin, all dead terrorists are ‘mentally ill’ and usually on drugs. One point about the drugs is that, if you’re going to kill yourself then taking them is probably a calming measure. The fact that many dead extremists were found with traces of banned drugs and alcohol in their system proves only one thing: that they are human enough to need a dampener for their emotions, something that will drive out all thought and enable them to perform the irrational act of suicide. Because an Islamic extremist is high on drugs, this seems to indicate that he is a fallen Muslim and in no way connected to the wider branch of the faith, the ‘true’ Islam.

Let’s just get it out there, see it as it should be. Islam and religion in general are not the cause of criminality in Britain but they are the legislator and rationale that permit the offender to act upon impulse. Nearly all Muslims abide by the rules of their religion whilst observing the legislature of the land. The ones that choose to deviate don’t do it because they are sanctioned by God, they do it because that is their nature, their own personal pride making them superior to others. They are and always will be predators, irrespective of the way they were brought up.

The mandates of the Islamic State are accused of ‘brainwashing’ Muslims into acts of hatred. They focus on the regime imposed by fear, that of the besieged Mecca and the spoils of war. They quote from one specific Sahihian source and very few Qu’ranic verse that refer to anything other than jihad and oppression of ‘disbelievers’. Their ahadith are probably weak (to be honest I haven’t read any of their bullshit) but they pile on the conspiracy, tying it into historic conflicts and suggestions of a grand Iluminati, no doubt that represents Shaytan and comprises of the entire Western Hemisphere. I’m guessing; whatever tools they use to work on the minds of the vulnerable, they use them well, often resorting to statistics concerning death and killing on the part of Christians, Jews and the al-Mujrimeen in general. Islam, they will argue is under siege but it isn’t. The religion will never die, you can’t kill an idea.

The Islamic State do not want to exist as a peaceful sect that practices orthodox Islam. Instead, they would rather rape, torture, kill and oppress others to generate income and manpower. Their mandates are false and their caliph is a heretic, the Ad-Dhajjal himself, no doubt. All of their tactics are dedicated to filling coffers and acquiring troops along with slaves and hostages. Their philosophy is rooted in materialism and their leader enjoys the luxuries of their illicit profits whilst the rest live in fear and poverty. There is no Islam here, just a net that is cast over others to reel them in, to strengthen the caliphate in reputation and number. Any faith that inspires terror can only be the work of Satan, that’s my opinion. When your own followers start peeling away, too afraid to run then you know the idea isn’t as good as you thought.

Muhammad gave the tribes of Mecca the option to obey Islamic law or leave without penalty. Why is this not echoed in the so-called Islamic State? Why are those who wish to leave the province (not leave the faith) sentenced to death in the most horrific of ways?

Why are mothers, held in high regard by the Prophet abused and their children stolen to become conditioned assets? This is not the work of Islam. Benign targets are attacked and this again contravenes Muhammad’s words as only those actively attacking are deemed as the enemy. You simply cannot kill citizens of a country because you disagree with their nation’s conduct but then again, that’s war for you. The Islamic State are indeed at war but its a war of their own making. Had the initial hijacking of government then resulted in negotiations and deals rather than threats and demands, had the people been put first rather than the land and its assets and the doctrine focused on expanding the faith willingly through preaching and stability of economy then the world might have listened to this new, forward-thinking approach from an Islamic sect that believes in debate and sharing of ideas.

The Islamic State should have been a haven for those fleeing the various conflicts across Arabia, a gathering point like the old city of Mecca and it should have offered support and renewed faith for the vulnerable. Instead, it exploited them and took by force, breaking the rules of Islam and becoming a monstrous patriarchal regime of subjugation and misery. Even if all war ceased in the Middle-East overnight, the Islamic State would still be a melting pot of uncertainty and terror. What really surprises me is how many of the Arab League nations aren’t involved in crushing the caliphate directly. This should be the priority of Islam worldwide, the destruction of the false ethics of Al Shabaab, Boko Haram and the Islamic State yet only ten Arabian countries have offered their support. Others condemn the caliphate yet refuse to become directly involved. This isn’t helping and regardless as to whether the CIA, MI6 or Mossad or whoever armed al-Baghdadi, the threat still needs to be eliminated.

But like I say, you can’t kill an idea, only counter it with a better one, a more acceptable and logical one. The roots of Muslim crime in Britain are found in the secular divisions and the simmering tensions between the ‘them and us’ mentality inspired by wars in the Middle East and fueled by extremist terrorism and Nationalist scare-mongering. If you’re going to be a criminal, then there’s no stopping it. No amount of faith will prevent you from acting upon impulse, I can personally attest to that. If you’re going to do it, you’ll usually do it. I have robbed, cheated and inflicted harm upon impulse yet my excuse was a different kind of religion; alcoholism. As a sober man, devoid of that skewed thinking I could never do those things. Religion works a little like alcohol, I think. It eases the transition into loss of control, perhaps justifies it and makes it easier to rationalize and accept. As an alcoholic, I always blamed my drunken alter-ego for any misdeeds. As a religious person, I would blame my transgressions on the scripture. The only difference is, the alcoholic would probably feel guilty whilst the religious person, authorized by God to transgress would feel little remorse, if any.

There is hope for the misguided youth of Britain, those who embrace their faith as a gang-culture and lean towards the Islamic State’s ethics with hot-headed, testosterone-loaded morals that they think they understand. Hardly any of these youths will know the Qu’ran, Sunnah, Mishkat Ul-Masabih, etc. and will only have gripped onto the parts that license their behaviours and thinking, the ugly parts of Islam. In their deviancy, they bring shame to the faith and a bad portent for the future flock of young British Muslims.

Many young British Muslims that I meet are very opinionated and full of fire, eager to argue about Palestine and Syria, about Trump and May and Putin, about the Turks and the Kurds. Sadly, they are only full of baseless statistics and media pop-shots of propaganda, their ire driven more towards the United Nations and the Christian faith through exposure and misinformation. Many young Muslims I meet feel persecuted in some way, some of them beat their chests and roar dominance in their territory. Others just want to get on with their lives quietly but they still hold their own delusions of persecution despite the quality of their lives compared to many across the Middle East.

British Muslims feel under-represented in government and social matters. They probably are with the exception of the Mayor of London but many hard-liners will state that Sadiq Khan is just a token tossed in by the Lords to make the Muslims think they had some kind of high-standing representation. Secular doctrine reinforces divisions in societies, making Muslims feel superior to other groups. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of pride but too much, as we know comes before a fall.

British Muslims would get more representation if the ethics of Islam focused more on tolerance and not historic accounts of oppression. Had Muhammad lived in this century, I very much doubt he would be supporting the Islamic State, having already conquered the majority of Asia. He would be contented, no doubt and shrewd diplomt that he was, he would have been on the UN Security Council representing all Muslim countries. I imagine his biggest gripe would be the Israel-Palestine situation but, you know what? I think he might favour a two-state solution, with International neutrality governing the religious sites of Jerusalem (as was originally intended) as the Jews and Muslims can’t seem to make up their minds as to who owns the Temple Mount and cannot share, it appears.

Look at me presuming to know the mind of the Prophet? It’ll be a fiery damnation for me…which is good considering my low blood-pressure always makes me feel cold. It’d be nice to be warmed up for once.

Conclusion: I don’t even know if there is one. Muslims will commit crimes the same as any other creed yet they don’t have to do this. This intolerance is born of misinterpretation and a feeling of persecution imbued by parental philosophies and exposure to the current climate of Britain. Secular closed communities do not help in this regard. Interaction and mingling with other groups should be paramount for children, especially if they are to grow up and feel part of a wider National community  and garner a better understanding of the right of equality in Britain.

Racism and hatred towards Muslims is not the answer. What on Earth are these fucking Nationalist even on about? They are segregating people according to ideology but people are individual units and they have different minds, different motives. Many misguided Muslim youth are simply that; misguided by archaic ethics and taught to be set apart from the wider community, above others by virtue of birthright.

If there’s any real lesson, it’s that Islam is a matter of perspective. One can adhere to the tenets and live a good life without inflicting misery upon others but because it’s so damn chauvinistic and prejudiced towards anyone outside the sect, it’s easy to see how marriages and relationships can develop into a patriarchal regime of inequality.

Islamic children have a shit-load of pressure piled upon them, especially the boys. They are bred to achieve and over-achieve, to boost the family status and secure a position of authority in the economic system. Pride is paramount in the community, the wishes and aspirations of the child are molded to that of the parents. Doctor, lawyer…the two stereotypical ambitions of the typical Muslim child. Both are positions that empower the individual and label them as a notable person of respect and trust.

It would be interesting to see just how many Muslims make it through the law and medical schools to succeed in their bespoke careers. I might look at the education system next, see how it pans out for different groups in society.

It is up to the individual to decide how far they are willing to devote themselves to Allah. To me, so long as you perform the Hajj at least once and visit at least one mosque, follow the guidelines of prayer and behaviour and more importantly, believe then you’re a Muslim. This notion of ‘degrees of piety’ is bullshit. No-one is holier than the other and every man will make mistakes in his life, even the fucking Pope! The question is, will you allow your behaviour to denigrate into something that represents fear and control rather than freedom and understanding?

Only a wife-beater beats his wife. His creed is irrelevant. Only a rapist rapes, God has no place in their actions. Only a violent man commits acts of violence and sometimes there is an excuse, a temporary insanity but with religion, it is licensed and understood. Not all extremists are mentally ill. If they were entire collectives of our society would be deemed as insane. They are following what they believe to be the right way and have been deluded that they are actively under siege. Okay, some are, granted; Hezbollah, Hamas, PKK, all designated terror groups by various nations yet their agendas are far from insane, their reasons for fighting understood, to an extent given the historical wars between nations. If I went to Kurdistan or Gaza, I’d find that the Israeli Security Forces were the terrorists to the Palestinians and the Turkish Army to the Kurds. It’s a matter of perspective.

Britain is not a battleground, despite what the Nationalist will bray. If we listen to them then it will become a battleground. It is divided, though and until a better understanding of Islam is made available to all then it will continue to be seen by many as an insidious disease that threatens the framework of Great Britain.





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