Cheers, Donald. Good job I dug that bomb shelter last Monday….


So Putin is threatening America after it launched missiles at Syrian bases suspected of storing chemical weapons used in Tuesday’s horrific attack against civilians? Makes one wonder where the toxic chemicals came from in the first place…

Oh, Lordy! Donald! What the fuck have you gone and done!?

Personally, I think Russia ought to remember its own threats of nuclear destruction against the British, Israeli and French forces during the Suez crisis when underhand military tactics were used to gain a political advantage. The chemical weapons attack by the Syrian Government is a clear contravention of the Geneva Convention articles of which Syria is a part (up to the first protocol). Breach of these rules that most countries have ratified will mean consequences but is sending 59 rockets into Syria the answer?

According to Russia, no it isn’t but it’s quite alright for them to use muscle to intervene on the world stage when similar situations have occurred throughout history.  Without the al-Assad regime in place, Syria will lose an important strategic foothold in the Middle East, having nursed the state of Syria through decades of unrest. Similarly, if a new Government decides to ease its reliance on Russia then this might have consequences for the Russian economy. War makes Russia rich, let’s face it. Their arms exports go up, their loans to other countries can be offered at cut-throat rates to ease financial instability in war-torn countries. Their superiority in terms of economy and military might makes them a strong ally to Syria yet if ties were broken, Russia might suffer more than Syria in the economic backlash.

Is it really worth starting a world war over this piece of land? Yes, it’s rich in resources and it’s important from a Russian military point of view but the government of Syria has exceeded its point of usefulness and turned its country into a battleground. Now, it walls itself off in Damascus whilst the rest of the country is torn to pieces. This isn’t going to end nicely, mark my words. The only thing that could put a stop to this would be the exile of the al-Assad regime to Russia and the return of power to the Muslims of the land. There has to be one person among the feuding factions that has the right capabilities of diplomacy and leadership, the right amount of drive and dependency to rebuilt the Syrian state but who will it be and to what superpower would they rely upon?

I’m sick of it, these Muslim countries being exploited and puppeteered by other countries. Muhammad’s dream was for an independent Muslim state, a centre of trade and commerce, of self-reliance and personal identity. Any war in the Middle East immediately becomes a free-for-all of exploitation. War is great for lots of countries except the ones at war. Quite often, they end up bankrupt or owing heavily to other nations. Britain is still trying to pay back its’ deficit from 1945 which never really seems to go down, when the country teetered on the edge of economic collapse thanks to fucking Hitler and his megalomania.

This Syrian conflict is a totally separate thing to the IS struggle. Al-Baghdadi exploited an opportunity and sneaked a few fingers into Syria’s stinkhole. Bringing an end to the al-Assad situation is the only way to drive the Islamic State completely out of the region.

Trump has played a dangerous card by firing into Syria. Until we know the extent of the collateral damage, we can’t say what the outcome will be. Hopefully, only a military target has been destroyed and the missiles, expensive as they are were intelligent enough to actually hit the mark. But I fear there will be civilian casualties and like Putin says, this only makes ISIS stronger.

Technically, it doesn’t make them stronger but it makes the UN look weaker and could be a pivotal point in turning opinion against the West completely. I’m praying that the civilian casualties are none but I know it’s in vain.

What Trump should have done was sanction Syria for its use of chemical weapons and demand the resignation of the regime, allowing the UN and Russia to care-take the country until a replacement government can be established. Russia should also have heavily sanctioned the country and given serious thought to how it can retain a majority share of control whilst deposing the present regime. Just because a new President is found doesn’t mean that Russia has to lose its chips, far from it. A new president would be keen to keep ties strong with its protectorate state and hopefully look to strengthening ties with other nations, especially the Muslim nations. He doesn’t have to be a puppet, not all men are greed-driven, some are humanitarian and humble yet assertive and focused.

Syria is an ancient nation, mentioned many times in the Qu’ran yet Muhammad never lived to see it become part of Islam. Since the sixth-century, Syria has been a Muslim country, a strong economic leader in the Middle East and after WW1, was taken by France after the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire. Strange then how Syria became to be reliant on the Soviet Union rather than its custodian from the League of Nations.

Since the early forties, as the war peaked and began its conclusion the USSR and Syria renewed diplomatic ties. The Soviet Union casmpaigned for the withdrawal of the League of Nations from occupied Syria and successfully spearheaded the drive, resulting in independence only a year later.

During the Cold War era, Syria supported the Soviet Union and likewise, its support is reciprocated in the present conflict, only in a much more direct way other than a bit of cheerleading.

Several coups blighted the regimes since its independence, each one consolidating the relationship between Syria and Russia. The Baghdad Pact in the mid-fifties put Syria in dispute with Britain and Turkey amongst others and the Soviet Union were there to offer security support to the paranoid and civilly disrupted nation. The coup that put the al-Assad family in power happened in 1970 and I wonder to what extent the Soviet regime was involved in assisting the coup de tat. Since then, the USSR dissolved yet ties remained strong and Russia has supplied arms to the country to bolster its position in the Middle East. Syria was in the Arab League but has been suspended since 2011 due to the civil war and its relations have become strained with nations such as the Saudi’s, the Egyptians and the Jordanians. Iran and the Lebanon are Syria’s strongest supporters in Arabia and their attitude towards Israel is one of hatred and intolerance. We can forgive that but it seems to me that Russia and Syria are like two paranoid misfits who ostracise themselves from their peer group and collude together, like the film ‘The Mighty’ but without the element of love and tenderness, rather one of dependency and exploitation.

The ruling regime of Syria is the Ba’athist Party, the same as Sadaam Hussain (yet the Syrians despised him) and to me, it’s just another hybrid neo-Islamic movement bred to inspire regime change and assert totalitarianism. The religion is not even a real religion, in much the same way that Scientology is a load of old bollocks. This regime needs removing and replacing with a more acceptable branch of Islam, such as Sunni or Shia. I’m sure Iran can help with a swift change of Government if they become involved in the war. After all, the values of the Ba’ath creed differ from the orthodox Shia beliefs and technically, these groups shouldn’t even be on the same page. Surely, after seeing the Iraqi Ba’athist regime crumble and this one looking like it’s following suit, it’s time to shelve Ba’athism as a bad ideology and return to the roots of Islam and the teachings of the Prophet. Russia and Iran are old buddies and you can bet that Russian scientists are already in Iran working on enriching plutonium and helping the Islamic Republic develop its new nuclear programme, thanks to the leniency of the United Nations.

Between Russia and Iran, the al-Assad regime can be swiftly removed and replaced with a mutually agreeable Government. However, with over sixty-five percent of the population practising Sunni Islam, having a Shia government in place might rock a big old boat and force another coup or civil war. Damn Islam for having so many fucking factions and they’re all clawing for the top spot thanks to the following ahadith:

Al-Tirmidhi Hadith 171 Narrated by Abdullah ibn Amr
That Allah’s Messenger (saws) said: “There will befall my Ummah exactly all those evils which befell the people of Israel (Jews and Christians), so much so that if there was one amongst them who openly committed fornication with his mother, there will be amongst my Ummah one, who will do the same. And if the people of Israel were fragmented into seventy-two sects, my Ummah will be fragmented into seventy-three sects. All of them will be in Hell Fire except one sect.” The noble Companions asked: “O Allah’s Messenger (saws), which one is that?” Whereupon he (saws) said: “It is one to which I and my companions belong.”

Well, thanks for that, Muhammad. Due to the dispute over caliphate rights, post-Muhammad the first schism was formed, that of Sunni and Shia. From then on, there have probably been about seventy-three divisions within Islam, Ba’athism being one of them, the Islamic State’s doctrines of terror being another. I imagine the subsequent schisms were easy to forge given the Prophet’s prediction about the severance of Islam.

Iran and Syria are united in their hatred towards Israel and being as Syria was pivotal in the creation of the Lebanese state, it is little surprise that both Syria and Iran actively support Hezbollah in their campaign against Israel. Iran also funds Hamas in its resistance against the Israeli’s and both countries will support any cause that results in death to the Jewish state.

But hang on just a hot minute? Russia is friends with Israel; furthermore, they are in the Middle Eastern Quartet along with the EU, America and the United Nations. In fact, Russia and Israel are probably closer in terms of sharing intelligence than Syria and plenty of Russian Jews enjoy dual nationality between the nations. Russia buys a lot of tech from Israel, especially military technology which (ironically) is mostly developed in America and Europe. It’s pathetic really considering that the Russians could just buy directly from the US and reminds me of somebody snubbing a former friend and relating messages through a third party, a a mutual friend stuck in the middle.

So….if Russia is so loyal to the nation if Israel, why is it so darn cosy with Iran and Syria? It’s even a great friend to the Lebanese and enjoys a cosy partnership of exporting arms, most of which are used against Israel. None of it actually makes any sense if we look at it from an Islamic perspective. Even Hamas are friendly with Russia.

I can tell you now, Iran, Syria and the Lebanon should hate Russia for endorsements of Israel and its close ties with the Jewish state. As for what remains of Palestine….well, I can’t see how they are so close to Russia given its affiliation with the Jews.

This is an inportant thing to note. Although Russia has good relations with the Arab states in general and has embassies in the majority of them, it only has one military base and guess where it is?

Yup, it’s in Syria and its integral to Russia’s foothold in the Middle East. Britain and America have loads, I visited Oman when my Dad served in the Gulf and their British bases are very impressive, loaded with top tech and ships floating about in the Gulf. As a kid, it was exciting to see this but now, its just another reminder of how the Middle East is just a big fucking game of Risk with Russia, America and Europe pushing pieces around the board and playing cards.

Conclusion: Find a government represented by a mutually acceptable branch of Islam (maybe even a power share between Sunni, Shia and others overseen by Iran and Russia) and remove the Ba’athist party from power. This will go a long way towards ending the assaults across Syria. The focus can then be on destroying the Islamic State. Russia know where this is heading, they’ve seen it before and with Trump in control of various weapons of mass destruction, its looking dicey for the next century even arriving. They know the al-Assad regime is doomed and that it must be removed in order to even entertain stability. They are in a position of unique power to assist in a swift transition of Government. To be honest, I’m very surprised that the al-Assad regime isn’t dead, wiped out by a mysterious bomb or poisoned by an unknown source but those days of poison-tipped umbrellas are long gone (I do hope). Rather, the Russians can offer safe haven to the al-Assad’s and remain neutral to an extent, as they seem to be able to do with the Palestinians and Israelis. However, this might cause dissent in Russia if they are found to be harbouring al-Assad, a tricky political minefield.

Ah, well. I’ve got a bomb shelter so I don’t really care and I’ve been ready for Armageddon for a long time. Like Willie Williams says:

The battle is gettin’ hotter
In this iration,
It’s Armagideon…

Listen to Willie’s track here and peace to you all, brothers and sisters…

NB: Thanks to one anal pedantic on the Firebrand Atheists Facebook page for pointing out my error is incorrectly naming the missiles that Trump fired into Syria. I forget this erudite scholar’s name, it’s irrelevant, really, just as irrelevant as what the fucking name of the missiles were that probably ended the life of several completely innocent people. Wake up, people. War is coming. Listen to Willie and smoke your last spliff, you motherfuckers. I’ll toast marshmallows and watch the world burn.






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